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Best Type of Hair Removal

Waxing over other Hair Removal Techniques

As women, a lot of us feel the need to maintain smooth and hairless skin. Be it for personal hygiene or for professionalism, women tend to maintain a routine hair removal cycle. This cycle includes several options such as shaving, waxing or using epilators and electric trimmers. Apart from that, there is laser too. But above all, waxing is the best option. Here’s why:

The Downside of other Hair Removal techniques:

  • Shaving with a razor is time consuming and if done in a hurry, it may result in shaving bumps and cuts. Open wounds are unhygienic and are a means to developing infection. Almost all people are sensitive towards razors, which leaves them with reddish patches over their skin for a period of time.
  • Over a period of time, shaving aggravates hair growth. However, the hair growing does not remain to be thinner. It is a lot coarser in nature.
  • Epilators and Electric trimmers are safer than razors but do not offer a clean and smooth skin. This is because they cannot get to the roots and remove the hairs from your skin. A topical trimming mechanism leaves you with an appearance of hairless skin but does not give you a smooth finish.
  • Hair Removal Creams: A lot of these creams cause allergies amongst individuals. Regular usage is known to cause the skin to get darker.


Waxing is the key:

The myth about waxing hair removal is that people presume that it’s a lot of pain to deal with. When done right and by a professional, waxing is definitely not painful. Waxing also deals with ingrown hairs. Unlike shaving, waxing does not leave you with a coarse growth of hair. Regular waxing has shown a significant decrease in overall hair growth.

While some waxing salons are an expensive affair, there are several salons that offer a reasonal and good waxing service. Facials by Minna offers waxing for the face, arms and legs for women while offering back and chest waxing for men at reasonable cost.

Waxing leaves you with visibly smooth skin and does not darken your skin over a period of time. Besides, waxing once a month is more than enough to maintain hairless skin.  There are no chances of nicks and bumps after waxing and your skin is also less prone to irritation. For maintaining good skin for years to come, switch to waxing hair removal.


Contributed By: Minna Gruenke Esthetician, Waxing and Skin Care Specialist

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