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  • agruenke
  • Mar 6,2019
  • Comments Off on 5 Ways to Expand Your Spa Business

5 Ways to Expand Your Spa Business

If you run a spa and you have a successful venture so far, its time for you to expand. Don’t worry; this is not impossible. There are several ways you can expand your spa. Just follow our tips, and you will be fine. 1. Outdoor Area with Idyllic Views People see the spa as an escape from their daily stress. They want to get away from their hectic routine. They want a solace even if it’s only available for a few hours. This is the reason people call these “Spa Break.” In cold Read More

  • agruenke
  • Feb 12,2018


Cold weather, a drop in humidity, indoor heat cranked up, and increasing use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers contribute to excessively dry skin on your hands. This also can lead to painful and unsightly cuticles. Long, hot showers feel good, but leave you standing in a pool of hot water and the runoff of drying sulfate soaps which also rob you of skin’s natural oil. The result being dry and cracked heals and feet. When it comes to keeping hands and feet soft and moisturized Read More

DIY Nails Hair and Skin Care
  • agruenke
  • Jan 29,2018
  • Comments Off on DIY Beauty Salon Treatments On A Home Budget

DIY Beauty Salon Treatments On A Home Budget

    They say beauty comes at a price, and this is especially true when it comes to talking about beauty treatments. We've all had the experience of paying top dollar for any of the three main areas of personal care – anything to do with hair, nails and skin. Maintaining a regular salon-based beauty regimen for these can truly burn a hole in your wallet and while a pamper splurge here and there is fine, in the long run, it would probably be wisest to try doing these treatments Read More

  • agruenke
  • Dec 11,2017
  • Comments Off on Taking Control of Psoriasis. Does Steam Help?

Taking Control of Psoriasis. Does Steam Help?

The therapeutic effect of steam rooms is becoming a viable option for the care and management of this chronic skin disease. Here’s how psoriasis sufferers can use steam therapy to get their life back. Skin diseases don’t just threaten health; they can have a devastating effect on self-esteem, mental health, and general wellness. Those who suffer from psoriasis know this all too well. Perspective on Psoriasis About 7.5 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with psoriasis, and Read More

waxing hair removal kelowna
  • agruenke
  • Nov 27,2017
  • Comments Off on Best Type of Hair Removal

Best Type of Hair Removal

Waxing over other Hair Removal Techniques As women, a lot of us feel the need to maintain smooth and hairless skin. Be it for personal hygiene or for professionalism, women tend to maintain a routine hair removal cycle. This cycle includes several options such as shaving, waxing or using epilators and electric trimmers. Apart from that, there is laser too. But above all, waxing is the best option. Here’s why: The Downside of other Hair Removal techniques: Shaving with a razor is time Read More

  • agruenke
  • Nov 13,2017
  • Comments Off on Get Your Glow Back With Steam Therapy

Get Your Glow Back With Steam Therapy

Don’t be alarmed, but you’re under attack every day. But don’t take it personally—it’s your skin that’s under attack, and every single person is at risk. Skin is constantly under siege from pollutants, allergens, and toxins that fill the air from artificial and natural sources. Even indoors your skin isn’t immune from irritants that can clog pores and damage tissue. Makeup alone can do a number on your skin. Enemies of skin can be found within, as well. Poor circulation and Read More

  • agruenke
  • Oct 19,2017
  • Comments Off on Peels, Peels, Peels. Let’s Change Your Skin!

Peels, Peels, Peels. Let’s Change Your Skin!

I LOVE Peels! The season is here so book your series now and let’s get started!! A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure. There is little to no downtime (minimal flaking) and the results are amazing! Benefits: Smoother, Younger Looking Skin  ~Helps with Fine Lines and Wrinkles ~Hyperpigmentation  ~Texture  ~Acne Scars  ~Large Pores (reducing the appearance) 1. You don’t have to peel with a peel. 2. Visible exfoliation (flaking) is a symptom of the treatment. Read More

Kelowna Spa Treatments
  • agruenke
  • May 23,2017
  • Comments Off on 3 Tips For A Perfect Spa Vacation

3 Tips For A Perfect Spa Vacation

Not only is it a long weekend, it’s the kick-off to vacation season. Are you planning to go away this year? Let us know where you’ll be heading off to this year! One of the more popular vacation ideas that’s been trending for a few years now is the spa vacation. Even for those of us who can opt to luxuriate in our own home steam showers, the idea of jet-setting off to a tropical locale and indulging in some well-deserved spa treatment is irresistible.   So, Read More

  • agruenke
  • Apr 14,2017
  • Comments Off on Turn Off For Better Skin Health

Turn Off For Better Skin Health

  Have you ever given much thought to how the time you spend looking at a phone or computer screen affects your skin? I certainly didn’t. But, lately I’ve been hearing about how the blue light that emanates from our variously-sized computer screens can actually end up aging our skin. I find that I spend a whole lot of time sitting in front of a screen. It just so happens that it’s a big part of my job. That’s probably true for most of us. The computer has worked Read More

skin care Treatments for dealing with oily skin
  • agruenke
  • Oct 28,2016
  • Comments Off on Taking care of acne prone skin or treating oily skin properly

Taking care of acne prone skin or treating oily skin properly

  Pimple or acne breakout is one of the common skin troubles that affect people of different age group. It usually begins at early teen and is often a considered as daunting task, filled with puss and painful. Various types of remedial solutions are available. Some of the popular ones include aromatherapy, over the counter prescribed by certified doctor and even homemade solutions. Fight against acne from the very beginning The very first time when you notice the acne breakout, you Read More