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Effective Skin Care

Learning to choose an effective skin care system

To many people, the only facial cleansing treatment the do is washing or Splashing your face with soap and water. But this may not be the best solution- let’s find out why.


is washing face enough to cleanse skin

We often think that washing our face with water takes care of cleansing the face from all the accumulated dirt. Of course! It momentarily clears off the surface level dirt, but deep down your skin feels tired and craves for comfort.  Have you ever thought of a facial spa treatment? It is a great way to soften your skin, getting rid of all those dead cells. The pores in your skin are opened up and the deepest layers of the skin are made to feel smoother and fresher. The double process of exfoliation and use of skin care products make Micro-dermabrasion (cosmetic treatment) a good choice, Facials by Minna in Kelowna can make a success of dealing with your skin care issues. Usually 5-12  initial sessions and on going monthly treatments ensure that the age spots are diminished, pore sizes are decreased, fine lines and wrinkles become softer, scars are less visible and there is an increased collagen. After a treatment, one may be left with mild irritation or red skin right after the treatment but it goes away after a few hours or days depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Before undertaking the treatment, you must stay away from using skin products having chemicals or fragrance. One should use high quality sun-screen lotions and must also drink lots of water. Your esthetician can also recommend the proper cleansers and all natural skin care products that will keep your skin looking great after your facial treatments. Some of the all natural skin care brands utilized by Facials by Minna are from Repechage and Serene lines of facial cleansers and skin care products.

Various Facial Treatments now available in Kelowna

The European Facial Treatment has a deep cleansing facial which hydrates and purifies the skin, clearing away the germs underneath, stuck in the pores.  Glycolic Peel treatment (chemical Peel) gives your skin a fresh look. It protects the skin from aging, scars and sun damage. The Opti -firm Eye Contour Treatment redresses some of the issues related to wrinkling, puffing of the eyes and dark circles. Classic European facial

Will the skin remain healthy?

By now, it must be quite clear as to why a simple wash cannot take care of critical cuticle and soft skin problems. All the treatments, be it Facial for removing signs of aging or for Acne treatment, come with some before and after rules. It is always a good idea to follow through the entire process. At the same time, skin care treatments which require more than one session do not yield any benefit if the entire regime is not completed. An example is if doing a chemical peel, you will see little results doing just one chemical peel treatment but after doing 3 or 4 treatments as scheduled by your esthetician the results will be dramatic. We must learn to choose the effective cure, one that is best suited to your skin type and the specific problem in hand. Having healthy skin not only makes one develop an aura of positivity, it also keeps the body well balanced.


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