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Escaping Rosacea : Skin care essentials

Why do we need skin care?

A fresh glowing skin not only adds to one’s confidence but also reflects a good diet and balanced life-style. We often forget how a basic nurturing of skin, can make us look and feel younger and happier. When we feel good, our approach towards life also works around an idea of positivity. It is essential to invest substantially in taking care of ourselves. The major reason being the effect that high levels of stress and anxiety have on one’s lifestyle.

We often realize that the need to take care of our skin arise only when a problem becomes visible enough to catch our attention. Sudden white pigmentation, dryness, frequent itching, redness are symptoms that make one realize the possibility of prolonged skin ailments. Extreme weather conditions require a certain amount of acclimatization on the part of the skin. During summers, a sufficient intake of drinking water, consumption of glucose, sun burn lotions and night moisturizers keep the skin healthy. Winters make the skin dry and rough. Thus there are skin problems and aliments that need attention time and again.

About Rosacea

Rosacea, one of the commonest and prolonged skin problems, which is akin to acne, characterized by redness on the face, and irregularities due to dilation of the blood vessels, primarily begins as a face phenomenon. Slowly, it emerges on cheeks, nose or the forehead. It may even damage the neck, chest, ears and scalp. Almost permanent pustules and bumps occur in severe cases. Red swollen eyes and ways to help rosacea skin problemsRosacea Keratitis are some of the eye problems that result from it. In extreme cases, rhynophyma (a red lobe like development around the nose) occurs. Additionally, there are cases of itching and burning sensations.  Hot and spicy food, alcohol, heat and emotional anxiety make the skin further susceptible to Rosacea.

The magic of Skin care

Skin care is vital to healthy living. Repechage and Serene have a wide range of products ideal for all skin types. Products like T-Zone Balance for Combination skin, Opti- Firm for Mature Sun damaged skin, Hydra Medic for problem/acne skin and Serene Products for all skin types may relieve some of the problems related to Rosacea, even if partially. The natural ingredients of the product and the hypo-allergenic component in them make these an ideal choice for anybody. Also,the different facial and eye treatments that are offered in Kelowna by skin specialist Minna Gruenke, are definitely going to leave you with a satisfying experience.

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