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In Pursuit of Young Looking Skin


We all desire a flawless, glowing, younger looking skin. It gives us a different kind of confidence which helps settle many of our deep seated anxieties. Not that we ever talk about it but nonetheless, we are always happy to discover ways to get a young, rejuvenated skin.  Lets see what Facials by Minna has in store for us.

The 4 layer Spa treatment

is one of the best ways to revitalize one’s skin. The first layer involves smearing the C-Serum Concentrate liquid.  Apart from hydrating the skin, it softens the lines and tones the skin tissues.  The second layer hydrates the skin further and the creamy seaweed component tends to the circulation. It also ensures long term skin elasticity. The third layer is about wearing the green seaweed mask. This has an immediate cooling effect on the skin and soothes the skin. The clarity and the skin tone become much better. The final layer is actually applying the seaweed mineral mask on the skin, letting its gentle warmth spread. The seaweed minerals finally seep into the skin.


A non-chemical formula to relieve your skin of its outer layer of dry and dead skin cells apart from being useful in tending to unwanted pigmentation, wrinkling, light acne scars and age spots, has way of returning the glow to your skin. Tiny crystals are sprayed in a manner that it allows the outer layer of the skin to fall off gently. The technique is less aggressive compared to dermabrasion, the latter being safe only for fairer skin, which do not run the risk of skin discoloration. Since the process of microdermabrasion is gentler, numbing medicine is not required during the process. The new skin cells contain higher levels of collagen and elastin leaving the skin softer and brighter. Microdermabrasion treats clogged pores, skin texture problems and facial lines. It is also useful for patients who have rosacea or acute acne. According to Suncoast Skin Solutions, Microdermabrasion in combination with a chemical peel and masque enhances the renewing effect of this treatment

Chemical Peel Act

is another popular way getting a younger skin. Through a process of deep cleansing, it removes the excess oil that accumulates, and restores the moisture of the skin. This is all done through the use of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, known as Glycolic Acid, derivative of sugarcane. Further, there is a ‘toning complex’ which is more than a simple astringent. It calms the skin while reinstating the PH balance.  The process helps in reducing wrinkles, blowing out the blemishes, reducing the pore size and also evens out skin tone.


Contributed by: Minna Gruenke skin care specialist at Facials by Minna located in Kelowna BC Phone 250-764-8761