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The ultimate aim behind every beauty treatment is to achieve better results. Although regular beauty treatments such as facials are frowned upon and considered as false claims, the real problem lies with where you get the facial and what products are used on your skin. The more natural the ingredients, the better the results are.

Facials by Minna

Located in Kelowna, Facials by Minna focuses on personalized care to the client. Minna is committed to giving her clients the satisfaction that they need with their range of facials. A facial treatment here, begins with a professional skin care consultation to choose products that work their best on your skin. All products used by Minna are from Serene and Repechage. The products are made out of natural ingredients and are paraben free. Both Serene and Repechage are renowned brands used to achieve the best results with facials.T-zone for combination skin

Minna offers different types of facials such as the Basic Miracle facial (European Facial), The Repechage Four Layer Facial, Chemical treatment and Opti-Firm Eye Treatment. All these facials are known for their rejuvenating effect and their amazing results. Here’s how a couple of them are done at Facials by Minna.

Basic Miracle Facial or European Facial:

This is one of the most favourite treatments preferred by the clients. The European facial works on fine lines and wrinkles and towards the end of the 1 hour facial, it leaves your skin fresh and glowing. The process of the facial starts with a deep cleansing routine. For sensitive skin, the gentle St.Johns wort formula is used. A toner is used later, to restore the pH of the skin.

An exfoliation using oatmeal, honey and almond meal leaves the skin soft, supple and smooth. Followed by steam and extractions that remove blackheads, the regimen is followed by a massage with an aqua massage cream that rapidly brightens and evens skin tone. The mask with Ulva Lactuva Extract moisturizes and hydrates your skin while adding anti-aging benefits. Skin is toned again and a daily moisturizer is used to maintain hydration.

The Repechage Four Layer Facial:

Tagged by Cosmopolitan UK as the ‘Best facial of the Century’ the Repechage Four Layer facial is targets anti-aging. Repechage products are made from the sea and the facial involves four layers of pure bliss, leaving the skin radiant and young. The first layer with the Seaweed filtrate softens lines, moisturizes and restores balance.

A 3 movement facial massage is the second step, which encourages circulation and elasticity. This is followed by a fresh Seaweed Mask from Repechage that gives clarity and improves skin tone. The facial ends with a mineral mask that has subtle warmth which induces the other 3 layers to work their miracle. In the end, you are left with skin that is young and refreshing.


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