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Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical Peels / Glycolic Peel Treatments


Glycolic-PeelChemical Peel- 30min –  $90 1 Treatment 

Includes Pre and Post peel treatment kits

Reveal younger and healthier looking skin with no down time

Facial properties:

    • Cleansing: Deep cleanses skin as it monitors excess oils & replenishes skin moisture. Using an alpha hydroxy acid known as Glycolic acid derived from Sugar cane.
    • Tone: Our Toning Complex acts as both an astringent & calming process that tones while restoring pH balance.


    • Reduces Pore size
    • Blows out blemishes
    • Reduces Wrinkles
    • Evens out Skin tone

Why Chemical Peels are the Best

Topical application of day to day cosmetics may camouflage effects of aging and skin care woes such as blemishes, uneven skin tone etc. But with the help of a chemical peel, you can work on the innermost layer of your skin. This is indeed the best way to treat your skin and get an instant fix.

Does it have side effects?

Chemical peels may sound like a serious business loaded with dozens of chemicals. But the idea is to use soothing elements that will treat the inner layer of your skin while eliminating dead skin cells. Chemical peels rarely have any side effects unless they are not done in a hygienic manner or by skilled professionals.

How often should I do it?

You can opt for Chemical peels as often as you would for a facial. At Facials by Minna, we offer Chemical Peel packages for up to a period of 6 months for a discounted price. The advantage of regular chemical peels is that, you are constantly reviving your skin and maintaining good care of it from within.

What to Expect from a Chemical Peel / Glycolic Peel Treatment

At Facials by Minna, we have trained and highly skilled professionals handling each session. When you walk out, you will see and feel the change of your skin for a long time. The same goes with Chemical peels. We start our sessions with a cleansing and toning ritual followed by the actual session picked for you. Our cleansers use Glycolic acid obtained from Sugar cane, to maintain skin’s natural oil and moisture levels. The cleansing is followed by an alcohol free toner which gently restores your skin’s pH balance.

The actual process takes about 30 minutes after which a hydrating moisturizer is applied onto your skin to protect your skin. Chemical peels help in reducing wrinkles and pore s. Along with that, it also reduces blemishes, fading them out and establishes even skin tone. You must always remember to follow a good skin care ritual, especially right after a chemical peel. This is because once all your dead skin cells are eliminated, what remains is fresh skin which when taken care of will keep you glowing.

It is advisable to stay away from direct sunlight for a minimum of 48 hours after a chemical peel. This is because your skin will be super sensitive and the sun’s rays can be harsh and may cause some irritation. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer and a sunscreen with good SPF even if you are staying indoors.