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Waxing Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing Services

Facial Waxing

Upper Lip wax – $12-$15

Chin – $15

Eyebrow waxing – $20

Full Face – $35-$50  Depending on amount of  hair to be removed

Legs and Arm Waxing

Half Leg – $35

Full Leg – $55

Forearm – $30

Full Arm – $35

Underarm Wax -$25

Waxing For Men

Back Wax – $45

Chest Wax – $40-60  Depending on amount of Hair to be Removed

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Waxing over other Hair Removal Techniques

As women, a lot of us feel the need to maintain smooth and hairless skin. Be it for personal hygiene or for professionalism, women tend to maintain a routine hair removal cycle. However, the best hair removal technique is waxing. Wondering where to find a waxing service that is hygienic, effective and simply amazing? Head right to Facials by Minna. Here’s why you should come to us without considering other hair removal methods:

The Downside of other Hair Removal techniques:

  • Shaving with a razor is time consuming and if done in a hurry, it may result in shaving bumps and cuts. Over a period of time, shaving aggravates hair growth.
  • Epilators and Electric trimmers are safer than razors but do not offer a clean and smooth skin.
  • Hair Removal Creams: A lot of these creams cause allergies amongst individuals. Regular usage is known to cause the skin to get darker.

Waxing is the key:

The myth about waxing is that people presume that it’s a lot of pain to deal with. When done right and by a professional, waxing is definitely not painful. Waxing also deals with ingrown hairs. Unlike shaving, waxing does not leave you with a coarse growth of hair. Regular waxing has shown a significant decrease in overall hair growth.

At Facials by Minna only the best of trained professionals handle all services. The various waxing services offered at a reasonable price, making us your best choice. Towards the end of a session at our salon, you will feel no irritation or sensitive skin but you’re just left with smooth and hairless skin.

Hair removal For both men and women. In the past, our waxing technique has proven to be very effective leaving us with a growing clientele. While there is a finite method for waxing, we take extra care in making sure we don’t leave any area untouched. At the same time we also focus on giving a painless experience possible.

Hydration after hair removal is very important. Likewise, when you head out in the sun right after a waxing session, make it a point to slather on some sunscreen or a good sun block. Even if your skin isn’t sensitive after a waxing session, it is always a good idea to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the skin. Waxing once a month is more than enough. Our Hair removal techniques remove hair from the root thus making your growth a lot slower. Visit us or call us for a waxing session today.