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Importance of Organic Skin Products

Everyone wants healthy, smooth, and glowing skin. Skin obsession has been around for ages, and people of every age and demography strive to maintain their skin perfectly and flawless. Skin needs to be taken good care of as it is part of your appearance. A common saying states; you should not put something on the skin if you don’t eat it. In essence, you should not apply anything unhealthy to your skin. There are a large number of skincare products available in the market. However, there is a noticeable shift towards organic skincare products that are less harmful than chemical ones.


What makes organic skin products?

As per USDA certification, an organic product should have at least 95 percent natural ingredients derived from vegetation. That means plant material used in the manufacturing process should not contain any bioengineered or toxic substances. Furthermore, they should be free from any bioengineered plant forms. The idea is to make the products toxin-free that may harm the skin.


 Significant benefits

 1. Organic products are better for your skin

Organic and natural skin products provide your skin the necessary nourishment without irritation and inflammation. People with naturally dry and sensitive skin often experience discomfort and soreness if the skin products contain chemicals. For example, Benzoyl Peroxide found in acne creams has been found to cause skin dryness and redness. Natural skin products are easy on the skin and have a wide range of applications.  Some of the more popular skin products are wrinkle protection, anti-aging formulae, organic cleansers, and the regularly used antiseptic creams.

2. Natural products are more effective

Natural skin products contain 95 percent active ingredients, which increase the effectiveness of the product. In comparison, products containing chemicals have only around 10 percent active ingredients. The defense posed by chemical product manufacturers is that their active ingredients work much better than natural products. But in reality, many natural skin products are far superior and are more effective.

3. Natural products are cost-effective

There is a notion that organic and natural products, in general, are costlier than the chemical counterpart. While organic and natural products charge a premium, the cost in terms of the active ingredients, quantity required to have comparable results, and longevity make it a much more cost-effective option.



4. Excellent value proposition

Organic and natural products promote sustainability. Often the ingredients for natural products are procured from the local community, helping them sustain themselves. The manufacturing process itself is carbon neutral, protecting the environment. Natural skincare products are absorbed in the skin directly on the application, unlike the skin sprays that leave chemicals in the atmosphere. All these benefits in terms of the actual products and their impact on the environment make natural skincare products an excellent value proposition.


Natural skincare products have a long legacy of production and usage, disrupted by chemical use to increase production and impact inorganically. However, there is an increased emphasis on organic and natural skin products in the past decade.