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DIY Beauty Salon Treatments On A Home Budget

They say beauty comes at a price, and this is especially true when it comes to talking about beauty treatments. We’ve all had the experience of paying top dollar for any of the three main areas of personal care – anything to do with hair, nails and skin. Maintaining a regular salon-based beauty regimen for these can truly burn a hole in your wallet and while a pamper splurge here and there is fine, in the long run, it would probably be wisest to try doing these treatments at home, especially if they can save you money in the long run.


While there are still specialised treatments that you can’t recreate at home (and you shouldn’t, since it requires equipment and expertise), beauty treatments have come a long way and here are some that you can DIY with minimal effort.



For hair care, there is a range of treatments that you can easily avail of at home, depending on your particular hair problem. If it’s the usual moisture boost needed, coming from everyday wear and tear, there are several homemade remedies that can be done, from overnight deep conditioning treatments of coconut oil to an easy 15-20 minute honey hair pack that you can rinse out before showering. The best thing about it is that a lot of ingredients are natural and easily found in your pantry.


If you feel that’s not your style, there are several beauty products that you can purchase at the local drugstore and try at home. These also include colour dyes, another hair treatment that you can easily transport to doing a home (though if you’ll be doing a major colour change, that’s something that should be left to the experts). Don’t forget to grab 2 boxes of your hair dye, especially if you have long hair. You wouldn’t want to be running out of colour in the middle of it all.



More than great hair and nails, ladies feel extra glam and pampered when their nail game is on. Regular maintenance of nails (not to mention your hands) is easily done at home, just make sure of have all the needed equipment for your mani pedi kit – nail file, bluffing block, clipper, orangewood stick, cuticle oil, non-acetone nail polish remover and of course nail polish in your favourite shades. You know the basics so let’s level it up a bit with what’s the craze in the nail business: gel nail polish.


Getting gel nails done regularly can be pretty expensive but with so many home kits now available, it doesn’t have to be so. Just learn the proper step by step in doing your own gel nails, buy the kit that comes with all the needed equipment and you can now feel extra posh and stylish on an everyday budget.



With it being the largest, not to mention the most visible organ of our body, we certainly should take care of our skin. We usually put a lot of attention on our face and there are a million treatments that can give you perfect skin. There are beauty regimens like the 10-step Korean skin-care regimen that can be simplified to make it fit better into your budget and routine (because who really has time to do all that at the end of the day?). There are oils, peeling treatments, face masks and natural home remedies that you can again easily DIY from your kitchen.


A great tip would be to spend more time on skin care rather than make-up. While the power of make-up is undeniable, it can also ultimately lead to skin problems if you aren’t doing the proper skin care for it. Remember to cleanse gently but completely and have the skin care basics down pat – clean, tone and moisturize. Don’t forget the rest of your body either. Try a DIY Cleopatra milk bath that not only pampers the skin on your whole body but leaves you feeling like a queen after a long soak in the tub.



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