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How often should I get a Facial?

Should Facials feature in my life regularly?

Are facials really necessary? That too! What is the urgency about getting into the habit of doing it regularly?

The fact of the matter is that we all like to look and feel good. Skin runs the maximum risk of being exposed to all kinds of weather, ranging from the scorching summer heat waves to the dry bitter wind chills. Therefore, it is actually a healthy habit to indulge into facials regularly.

Stress Buster:

Facials are a great way to release stress. The magic touch and massage leaves you relaxed and happy. With increased blood circulation induced by a facial, the skin cells are renewed.

Healthy Pores:Best Skin care regime

Facials help in detox and by manipulating the lymphatic system; it reduces waste accumulation that may lead to puffiness and accumulation of fluid.  Cleansing of pores leads to prevention from acne, accrual of the oil and debris. Clear pores leave room for the skin to keep the process of hydration in motion. It also evens the skin tone.

Ageing can be reduced:

Facial arrests the ageing of the skin. It reduces fine lines and age spots. Collagens built help in controlling wrinkling, sagging, etc. Facials also need to fight reverse ageing due to the use of exfoliation massages and circulation of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Facials help maintain an optimum skin health.


One must note that when the exfoliation is done with astringents, masks or peels, the moisture reaches deep into the skin’s upper layer. The dead cells get removed in the process and the newer cells emerge. Specific treatments such as oxygen facials help to boost the growth of new skin cells and also soften the skin to do away with the lines, even-though temporarily. Some other facials have electric micro currents which fuel facial muscles and yet again temporarily, give a tighter look and feel to the skin.

Ideally once a month facials are a good idea. This is only when you do not really have to deal with any specific skin problems. When you are looking for specific cure like acne/ hyper pigmentation, etc, then you must make appointments for a series of treatments.

While most people will see significant improvement in there complexion from getting a facial treatment, Facials do not come with guarantee. You must find out which are the products that your skin may be allergic to. Then also, there may be accidents like getting burnt by the dripping steamer or infection from something that was not properly cleaned. Also, one should not indulge into an oily diet while facial treatments are ongoing.

Contibuted by : Minna Gruenke esthetician and skin care specialist in Kelowna BC


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