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Information About Skin Care

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Top tips for skincare and facial treatment

If you are a resident of Kelowna, BC, Canada (or anywhere else) and happen to be worried about skincare, acne or facial treatments then you are in the right place reading this article.

Your skin is the largest and the most visible organ of your body. It covers every external part of your body. For the surface area of its exposure to the harsh elements of nature, it needs regular care to maintain its texture and health. Good skincare is a key to preserving your skin.

Regardless of our gender, everyone desires smooth, healthy and wrinkle-less skin. Here are 5 great ways for skin care and facial treatments.

  • Rehydration is the key to skincare and facial treatment

Skin needs constant moisture supply to remain healthy and vibrant. Most skin problems are rooted in dehydration of skin through constant exposure to external elements and internal health.

Rehydration of skin can be achieved through external application of moisturizing agents and intake of healthy fluids to keep your body rehydrated internally. Always opt for the best and reputed skincare applications, get your skincare treatments from a reputed spa in Kelowna, BC. Canada and drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.


  • Chemical and Natural peels for skincare and facial treatment

Natural and chemical peels are one of the preferred options to seek such results. Moreover, Chemical peels are an affordable treatment for an ordinary customer with an average budget. However, remember! Chemical peels are one of the artificial chemical treatments related to skincare.

Natural and chemical peels can successfully treat many of the skin problems. These skin problems include wrinkles, freckles, sun damage, acne, liver spots, scars, etc.

  • Depending upon certain factor, chemical and natural peels can improve your skin texture, tone, and reduce fine lines.
  • Deep chemical and natural peels can help in removing pre-cancerous growth. But such a prospect must always be explored under the supervision of an expert dermatologist.
  • Every type of chemical and natural peel has its pronounced benefits and advantages for particular skin type.

    Before and After picture showing the dramatic results that can be obtained with Chemical peel treatments,

  • Chemical peel treatment can give you smoother and younger skin without any spot or mark.
  • chemical and natural peels are usually very effective and useful for the people who want to get rid of skin acne, damage to skin related to ultra-violet exposure, and scars.

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  • DIY skincare and facial treatments

Whether it is “just for the fun,” or to save money, or to have full control and knowledge of what goes in the product and what stays out, making your own skin care products remains an interesting activity and art.

No matter the motive, the method is the same. This hobby-like science will cater your multiple beauty needs with your own customized concoctions that are effective, cheap, safe, and enjoyable.

As a beginner you might have to follow formulas exactly as they are demonstrated, growing talent and practice will make you creative. It is important, however, to adhere to proportions and the overall structure of any desired formula.

The Last Word on Skincare 

You need skincare, acne treatment or facial treatments; in any case you must rely on an expert like Facials by Minna. This is more valid since “a treatment gone wrong” can have long lasting effects on your skin that you can ill afford.


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