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Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

A Few reflections before embarking on sun damage skin treatments

All of us seek a smooth, tight, flawless skin unfazed by ageing which is in motion or the climatic severities.

Want a relief from the sun damage?

Spots: Over-exposure to sun damages the cells that produce melanin responsible for skin pigmentation. Dark spots appear on face, chest and hands. These are referred to as sun spots, age spots or dark spots varying from brown, gray or black. Some treatments include the use of lightening creams, laser therapy, chemical peels, freezing and dermabrasion.treatment of sundamaged skin

Sunscreen: It might sound repetitive but the truth is that the daily use of sunscreen SPF30 with zinc oxide is always our first step. It has rhythm to it. One needs to apply it 30 minutes prior to the sun exposure and reply every two hours for effective results.

Skin care: To stay away from sun damage, it is a good practice to get into daily skin nurturing routine. There is a whole range of products which include anti-oxidant rich topical creams and gels to chemical and mechanical peels. Laser treatments are there too! These treatments help in reducing uneven pigmentation, take care of rough, wrinkled skin and close the pores. It helps in producing collagen. Anti-oxidants not only help prevent cancer. It also ensures that collagen and elastic tissues steer clear of free radicals, which may cause wrinkling and drooping skin. Chemical exfoliation with droplets of glycolic acid helps get rid of piled up dead skins.

How about Skin Lightening treatments?

Skin lightening must be sanctioned by a physician and only those products that are suited to one’s skin texture must be used. Tretenoin products like Renova and Retin-A may be useful to begin with, especially for sun damaged skins. Retin A has a side effect whereby, overtime it sensitizes the skin towards sun rays. One must start with a minimum dose and then increase the dosage as per the tolerance level of the skin. The actual skin lightening agent is hydroquinone. It is often referred to as the skin bleach. It helps in containing the uneven production of melanin.  On the other hand, chemical peels and products containing Bearberry extracts, lactic acid and Kojic Acid also help in reducing pigmentation. It is a good idea to use the different varieties for a period of time to expect some noticeable results. Of course, skin care consultation is mandatory before exploring any kinds of treatments.


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