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Why waxing is preferred for hair removal ?

Since the ancient times, a silky, smooth and hairless skin has been considered ideal for the feminine beauty. Hair removal is definitely a personal choice, but in the modern day, women give utmost importance to the process of hair removal. Waxing is a popular hair removal process, that is practiced in homes and salons. Shaving is also another method that is exercised by many women as it is less time consuming. There are several benefits which make waxing hair removal technique an apt process.

Benefits of waxing for hair removal over shaving

  • Waxing pulls hair from the roots and thus lasts longerwaxing treatments kelowna
  • Slower and finer hair growth after waxing
  • Waxing makes the skin silky smooth unlike shaving that leaves the skin rough and abrasive.
  • Your skin will be less prone to irritability unlike shaving
  • If done properly, waxing can be pain free.
  • There is no concern of cuts and nicks associated with waxing.

The above points will prove why waxing is considered as a convenient method and a more preferred one over shaving and other modern techniques of hair removal.

Threading is not for the entire body hair removal

Threading is yet another ancient hair removal process that makes use of cotton thread and twisted around the individual hair. The process also helps to eliminate hair from the roots. But threading is appropriate from eyebrows, upper lips, facial hair or smaller areas of the skin and are not recommended for full body hair removal. It can really painful if men try out the technique since they have thicker hair. Moreover, it is recommended that threading must be done under the supervision of a professional beautician.

Sugaring is costlier than waxing

Sugaring is the process that is more or less similar to waxing. Because of the use of the natural ingredients like sugar, honey and lemon, it is best for sensitive skin. But the problem is that the majority of the salons and parlors prefer the method of waxing. In case, you find a salon where sugaring hair removal is exercised, it will be way costlier and expensive than waxing. Furthermore, the process can be painful.

Laser hair removal is not for everyone

The laser hair removal is a modern process and many women prefer it because it helps in the permanent hair removal. But the problem is that the technique is not suitable for all types of skin. In case, your skin tone is on the darker side, you will not be recommended with the process. Moreover, it is no doubt a very costly hair removal method.

When you are selecting a particular hair removal method, skin care must be given the priority. The above discussion proves why waxing is a preferred option when it is about hair removal.


Contributed By:  Minna Gruenke of Facials by Minna

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